Korean Shattered Glass Nails: DIY Review

shattered glass nails amazonThe Korean shattered glass nails trend exploded in 2016, it was all over our social media feeds
and it’s only getting bigger in 2017.

This fad was created by Eunkyung Park. A South Korean nail artist at Unistella Salon in Seoul.

She’s been in the beauty industry for over 15 years and her name went global due to her Instagram posts.

Going crazy by putting ridiculous ideas together and making them something that everyone would want.

Like her nail art, mirror glass nails and even putting lighting on nails. Yes you read correctly, “lighting”.

Ever since Park was young and first came into beauty, she had a sudden attachment to nails.

She’s a huge celebrity in Asia and all the K-pop and K-drama stars have met Park. They’ve adopted her crazy ideas like the broken glass nail effect.


…women alone don’t just wear them, in-fact the guys have adopted this nail style and love it! K-pop celebs have been seen at events showing off this crazy fad and they’re not shy about it.

Unfortunately we’re not all rich celebrities and we can’t get our nails done every day with so much free time.

I remember going into town and walking past the Korean nail salon…

…completely packed out, every time I would walk past people would be getting beautiful nail art. Nail designs were gorgeous and lets not forget about the trendy glass nails.


All these Asian beauty nail ideas came at a cost and I didn’t have that kind of money. If only there was another way to get my hands on the latest South Korean nail trends, I would love to have those shattered glass nails at a cheap price…

…well there is a way!

Mountains of research later I finally came across some resources which showed me how to DIY shattered glass/broken glass nails at home, this insanely popular trend can be done at home at a very affordable price…

I know some of us don’t like reading instructions, instead I watched some video tutorials and picked you out the one that’s the easiest to follow.

Shattered Glass Nails Tutorial

…Pretty straight forward, right?

I’ve gone through all the products that have been used in the video and only kept the essentials to keep the cost as low as possible.

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With These Holographic Glass Nails, There Is Absolutely…

  • NO huge payments…
  • NO waiting in rooms for hours to get your nails done…
  • NO more wasting countless hours on cheap alternatives…

The List Of Products And What They Do

  1. Cuticle Oil– Softens and soothes nails.

  2. Alcohol Prep Pads– Removes excess Cuticle Oil and sterilizes.
  3. Base Coat– Helps the sticking of nail color.
  4. Black Gel Polish– Adds the main color your nails will be.
  5. Iridescent Cellophane– Gives the broken glass nail affect we’re aiming for.
  6. Top Coat Nail Polish– Allows Iridescent Cellophane to stick, gives it a shiny look and helps everything last.

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Final Verdict: Is This DIY Shattered Glass Nails Really Worth It?


The best part is…

This DIY South Korean shattered glass nails tutorial is foolproof. Your getting salon quality nails at home, anyone can do and at a very fair and affordable price. Shattered glass nails simply take my breath away and look stunning,


Shattered Glass Nails F.A.Q

Q: What are clear glass nails and broken glass nails?

A: Simply another term for shattered glass nails.

Q: Glass nails vs acrylic nails?

A: At the end of the day if you like glass nails then glass nails win or if you like acrylic nails then acrylic nails win, it all comes down to personal taste.

Q: Where can I purchase the shattered glass nails at a affordable price?

A: You can purchase the shattered glass nails through this special link ===> on Amazon safely