[LIST] Top 15 Glass Nails Designs

Glass nails designs are everywhere! Especially in South Korea. This shattered glass nails trend started at Unistella Salon in Seoul, South Korea. A beautiful women named “Eunkyung Park” is where this type of nail design originated from.

These are the top 15 gel nail designs you must try for yourself.

1. Orange Yellow Black Geometric Nails

The orange yellow black geometric nail art design made it to the top of the list simply because of its uniqueness. And the way the colors compliment each other, it’s pure nail art eye candy. The glass orange and yellow cellophane shards draw your eyes in. The matt black nail polish helps for it not to look too shiny or dull, it’s just right.

2. Spotted Nail Art Design

This one just reminds me of my childhood, I’m not too sure why. I guess it’s because of the innocent bright yellow and the multi colored spots. A casual or party look for us girls.

3. Green and Black Nail Art Design

Does this glass nail design remind anyone else of the Matrix? I guess it’s because of those damn broken cellophane shards. A great sort of neon art style that intrigues our attention and we say “What’s that?”I suppose this can be a great conversation starter also this design is simpler than it looks. Just check out the DIY version

4. Black and Diamond Shattered Glass nails Design

A more sophisticated look that will go well with a smart and pretty dress. A shiny black nail polish is needed and a bit of cellophane wrap. Cut them into small pieces and place on your finger nails. It’s simple yet elegant.

5. Gold Broken Glass Nails Design

If you want to make sure you’re noticed then you can’t go wrong with this idea. You’re probably going to end up blinding someone with this kinda bling bling. Make sure you order the golden cellophane wrap and cut them into nice long chunks.

6. Red Tin Foil Nail Art Design

This tin foil form goes really well with the red and we can easily take a liking to it. It’s sort of on the toned down glass design and we certainly appreciate someone going ahead and doing this. In fact now that I think about it, her healthy skin brings out a nice contrast in this particular design.

7. Blue Pearl Glass Nails Design

A design that’s fit for queens and mermaids. It looks like there are little gem stones on the nails. We should all make an effort to try out this pattern at least once.

8. Blue Chrome Glass Nails

Another neon mirror nail form. Except this one is a lot more vibrant and eye popping. It’s almost staring into a whole new universe. A quirky and fun nail style that we all need to try.

9. Clear Glass Acrylic Nails

A pretty simple design yet effective in looks. Long and thin slices of cellophane are placed on the authentic nail. Next the acrylic will be applied. Leaving this bright neon look for your eyes to get lost in.

10. White Glass Nails Design

A nice, elegant and polished feel. Super simple yet it looks complex, a weird dynamic I know. What else can we say about this design? We believe the jewellery on the fingers adds a little something to it.

11. Rainbow Glass Nails Design

We all need a rainbow in our life and you can carry one literally on the top of you nail. Different types of cellophane wrap were used here. Orange and pink as far as I can see, comment below if you see a different color.

12. Snorkel Blue Glass nails

Snorkel blue is a color we don’t see a lot but it looks great on your nails. When looking at this type of nail design it’s like one of those sessions where you’re laying down at night. And staring at the stars.

13. Space Design Glass Nails

Another nail pattern which has a space sensation. This time you’re gazing into a brighter galaxy and it’s beautiful.

14. Iridescent Jewel Nails Design

These are pearls that came straight out of mount Olympus and you get to wear them. A shiny pink design that mirrors the sunlight straight into our surroundings.

15. Pink Shattered Glass nails Design

Pink shattered glass nails are a must-have for any girl out there. You simply need to apply some pink iridescent cellophane wrap in the appropriate manner and urika!



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